Saturday, March 3, 2012


Maturation is a huge contirubuting factor to children's "readiness" to read.  Many times teachers assume that children may all be on the same "level" of reading capabilities when this simply is not the case. This article states that you could have a room of twenty kindergarteners that are on twelve different capable reading levels.  Maturation deals with children's exposure to reading at the age that they are in.  Some children may have been read to every night while others have only been exposed to books while in the classroom.  The child's mental capabliities may not be able to handle books that other children in the class are able to understand.  It is important as Early Childhood Educators that we know all children will not be "ready" to read at the same time as their peers.  Children will develope the "readiness" to read the more that they are exposed to it in the classroom.  As teachers, we must make sure that all children are getting exposure to literature throughout the day in the classroom!

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