Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phonemic awareness

I found this article to be very moving. I think that too often parents and some teachers do not
Give children enough credit for the work that they are producing in class simply because it may not look the way that they had hoped. I think that the article did a great job of talking about words that children may spell incorrectly or sentences that may not make sense. The thing to remember is that these children are still trying to communicate. They are conveying their feelings in a way that they understand. Even though we may not be able to read what they are writing does not mean that it is not writing! As teachers we also need to make sure that parents are encouraging of the phonemic awareness practices. Even when children. Recognizing spacing between words we should praise them for the strides that they are making

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Reading and Literature Dig

I t was really interesting to do the literacy dig this week.  I went to Kroger and spent time walking around checking out the type of people that are there at this time of night.  I was at Kroger on Saturday night at 7pm.  While I was there I noticed that Bloomington has a different type of social group at places like this.  I did see a lot of moms that were there with small children.  But they all seemed like they were just picking up a few things quickly that they may have needed that night or for the rest of the weekend.  For the most part I saw that there were college students that were there that were purchasing alcohol for a party they would be attending that night. It made me wonder how differently a place like this would look if it were not in a college town at this time of night.

I found the reading for this week to be really interesting.  I think that the author really pointed out a lot of things in education that could possibly be holding children back from being able to succeed in the classroom.  I think that it is really important that we are always challenging what is going on in the classroom and see how we can make changes that will ultimately help the students in whatever way possible. I also think that it would be important to get parents involved in what is going on in the classroom so that they are aware of how they can help their students at home.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Literacy in the Classroom

I have been talking to my mom a lot about literacy and how she uses it in the classroom.  I really felt that this was giving me a chance to bounce ideas off her about the things that we have talked about in the classroom.  she told me that literacy is so important in her school system.  The principal always tries to talk to the teachers about different ways to talk about literacy.  The teachers have tried so many different ways to get thechildren interested in what is going on in the classroom.  The idea that I liked the most was that the children read a story and then put on a play about the story.  But instead of the ending they had read, they had to make up their own endings.  I think that this is a great way of getting the children involved in literacy and excited about what is going on.  It also gives them a chance to use their imaginitaions.