Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vivian Paley- NAEYC Convention

Many people have been quoting things that Vivian Paley said at the NAEYC Convention. Paley is the author of, "White Teacher." Some tweets have read, -" Timeout chair = Awkward method of education " #naeycAC #kinderchat and  "kindergarten children need to play...and they need to know there will be time for play" -Vivian Paley #naeycAC #kinderchat - Vivian Paley.

To cover the first tweet, I feel that the timeout chair is something that should not be used in the classroom.  I think that discipline is important in the classroom, but some parents may feel that this is very invasive. I think thta another method would be to take the child away from the bad situation. Also, you could take a "spin off" of the timeout chair and offer the child an area where they can be alone.

To cover the second tweet, I completely agree! Play is so important to me in my teching philosophy. I really want to end up teaching younger children. I know that it is so hard for these children to sit down in a chair all day. I think that if we keep the children actively engaged in play with learning, then they will be more successful in the classroom.

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  1. Time out is really a hot topic! While I think if used constructively it can be useful (such as giving natural consequences or making it "alone time") but normally it is counterproductive. Something sticks out that Amelia said to use last semester that fits this situation perfectly, "During timeout, they are just plotting ways to get back at you."