Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Packs

I loved the idea of doing book packs! I think that this would be a wonderful way of getting children excited about reading again.  This is also something that parents can be involved in with their children.  I really like the idea of having activities that the children can do.  I think that this is a great way of using cimprehension methods. It is very fun when the children have something that they can do with the reading. This will keep them involved and focused on the task at hand.  This is also a way that parents can see what is going on and being discussed in the classroom!


  1. I agree. Book packs is such a simple, yet effective teaching strategy. Family involvement is essential for success in the classroom. If want this to happen, we should make it as convenient as possible for them to use. This will increase the probability of them being enthusiastic and engaging in their children for this set-up.

  2. The key is involving parents in the learning at home; many times school work sent home with students is independent work or if in the very early grades, very little at all. Parents may not know how to engage their children at home and learning packs lay it all out for them while giving them an opportunity to take part in "teaching" their child.

  3. I like that you gave your honest opinion and gave reasons behind it. I feel that a lot of teachers are not aware of how much their opinion means to students and parents. Sometimes this is all that is needed to get a student or parent to try something rewarding.